image im‧age [ˈɪmɪdʒ] noun [countable]
1. MARKETING the general opinion that most people have of a person, organization, product etc:

• Law suits hurt a company's image and may hinder future fund raising.

• A good advertising campaign will promote a company's corporate image while reminding consumers of the products it makes.

ˈbrand ˌimage MARKETING
the collection of ideas and beliefs that people have about a brand:

• Both BMW and Honda have built their brand images on engineering excellence and high performance.

2. a picture on the screen of a computer or television:

• A small company is leading the way in using lasers to create three-dimensional models from computer images.

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image UK US /ˈɪmɪdʒ/ noun
[C or U] MARKETING the reputation that a person, organization, product, etc. has, including the characteristics, appearance, etc. that they are known for: create/project/build an image »

The logo change is part of an ongoing effort to project a new image that will attract younger customers.

change/improve/protect sb's image »

Developers discussed how the impoverished town could improve its image and boost its redevelopment potential.

tarnish/hurt/destroy sb's image »

Staff upheavals and clashes with European regulators have tarnished the image of the world's top soft-drinks business.

good/positive/strong image »

When working in sales, it is important that you present a positive image.


a bad/poor/negative image

sb's public/private/professional image »

These events give delegates the chance to network and improve their professional image.


People's choice of product is often more influenced by image than by quality.

[C] a picture or photograph, especially one shown on a computer or television screen: »

You can rotate the image, resize it, zoom in, zoom out, or adjust its color.


The new scanner delivers exceptional image quality and reliability.


a computer/digital/photographic image


black and white/greyscale/color image

See also BRAND IMAGE(Cf. ↑brand image), CORPORATE IMAGE(Cf. ↑corporate image)

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